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Happy New Years Artefes Hotel Istanbul

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Happy New Years Artefes Hotel Istanbul

Happy New Years Artefes Hotel Istanbul

They may not be Christmas lights, but beautiful nonetheless. We spent Christmas Day wandering around this bustling city of 14 million, which is the official number, although many think the real number is closer to 17 million.

One of the main shopping streets is İstiklâl Caddesi which runs about 1.5 KM south from Taksim Square to the top of the Tünel station, north of Galata Tower. It is estimated 3 million people visit Istiklâl in a single day on weekends.

We have rented an apartment in Şişli, about a 15 minute walk north of Taksim. We will be here until January 1 and looking forward to spending this time with our friends Lyle and Katherine who are flying here from Winnipeg as I write this. Stay tuned.

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The Maiden’s

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the madians
The sole remainder of the Byzantine period and considered to be one of the symbols of istanbul, Lysander’s Tower serves its guests with its renovated visage from the previous century, along with its restaurant and viewing balcony.

Transport to one of istanbul’s most romantic and most mysterious locales can be reached through special boat trips from Salacak and Kabataş. The unique structure, with its own history, also possesses a myth that’s been passed down through centuries.

According to the myth a king is told that his beloved daughter will be bitten by a poisonous snake. Therefore, the king has a tower built in the middle of the water. However, a snake hidden in one of the fruit baskets that are sent to the tower kill the princess. For 2500 Lysander’s Tower has been standing defiant against istanbul’s noise with its silence as the proof of the inevitability of fate.

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Hagia Sophia

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Hagia Sophia near hotels artefes hotel SultanahmetHagia Sophia, one of the most important constructions survived until today, is a monument built by the Byzantine Emperor Justinian in 537.

It was used as a church with the name of Great Church in Byzantine Empire for 916 years and used as a mosque with the name of Great Mosque in the world of islam for 481 years. it has been open to visitors since 1935 when it was transformed into a museum. Do not forget to visit istanbul’s dear masterpiece which has survived until today with its magnificence and architecture.

ARTEFES HOTEL is just 500 meter far away from the Hagia Sophia.